Definition of Search Engines

  • May 14, 2016
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Definition of Search Engines – What are they and how do they work?

Search engines have two main functions: Crawling and indexing, and providing a Response through an ordered list of sites most relevant to the search made.

Crawling and indexing

Search engines process and create indexes of all documents, pages, files, news, videos and media on the World Wide Web.


Through these indexes, Search Engine can then determine the relevance of each page, based on the contents of the same, to give answer to the research done by the user.

Understanding Exercise:

Search engines analyze the page in the form of  code and are devoid of understanding of the text. So imagine the difficulty of recommending sites with content for a search when you cannot actually understand the content you are recommending.

This means that  while we humans read words, or interpret codes to create a meaning, a search engine processes code to create a ranking of sites for a user that gives them a code (word, question) to search for.

For example, for someone who searches for the word “Low-cost car workshops ” both contents below have the same importance to appear in the rankings.

– John Rench, Plc,  low-cost car workshops near you. Book a free check-up.

– Aksjjxbs and akjks, Askas low-cost car workshops ashjh ashjhj. Qsqusuhs qsujs qwsjn-sws sjss.

And that is why to overcome this inability to interpret, some search engines, like Google constantly develop their algorythms to detect signal for quality content. Such as:

Recommendations from other sites (links) | Interaction with users (Social media and reviews) | Cross-reference with other platforms (Maps, Directories, Videos) | User Experience (Architecture website, mobile adaptation, structure of contents)

It is the entire filtering mechanism and classification that gives the algorithm its name and its this evolutionary process of search engines that obliges SEO to evolve constantly.

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