Search Engine Optimization (SEO) within the Digital Marketing Plan?

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What weight should Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have in your Digital Marketing Plan?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is breaking through the Digital industry as one of the most returnable investments companies could do, if done correctly. We must agree that any media that can generate direct exposure, attract visitors, generate leads and convert business without advertising costs, deserves a special attention.

However, the importance of SEO in a Digital Marketing strategy does not always assume the proper weight, which makes many companies not achieve the expected results.


Search Engine Optimization

Some considerations to take when you think in SEO within your Digital Marketing Strategy:

Trying isn’t an option. Either a company is committed to implement an SEO project and dedicate investments to the cause, or it might as well spend those funds in another Media. SEO take times, dedication and an it’s a constant learning process, however if done properly a company may see the return and a lifelong free marketing tool that actually delivers sales. To comply with the Checklist of online reports doesn’t make a mark on the checklist.

Dont be afraid to invest, but do it carefully. SEO has an “aura” of technicality that often makes it look like rocket science, but you shouldnt be afraid to find out a little more, so that when requesting support for a digital agency, you know what is to hire and pay. Take a look at our Principle of Network Consistency to find out more.

The return is not immediate, but it pays off. By investing in building a search engine optimization strategy, you are not to investing in an online campaign that has the short / medium term results and that can quickly present the results to the board. Impressions and clicks are not guaranteed or predicted from day 1. The SEO has a ROI in the medium / long term, but with a almost lifelong continuity. Learn more about the ROI of SEO.

It needs maintenance. A search engine optimization strategy must be maintained over the years. You will need to constantly deliver content, update your products and all elements, as well as a solid off-site strategy always maintaining the focus on consistency.

The best investment. Success in Search Engine Optimization means a dramatic reduction in marketing costs in the medium / long term. It reduces your cost per acquisition CPA and release funds for other investments.

Do not hesitate to talk to us to figure out how SEOptimization can help your company to implement and have return with a digital strategy and search engine optimization. Complete the form and we will contact you shortly.

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