SEO: Network Consistency

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SEO and the principle of Network Consistency

It isn’t uncommon to find curiosity about SEO amongst entrepreneurs and marketeers. Let’s face it, if you own your business or are accountable for increasing sales under a budget it is pretty eye catching to have a solution that can bring a lifetime of new customer at a very low cost.

However, it is when these professional try to make sense out of SEO that most initiatives come to a halt. Yes, SEO can have a bit of a “web-geek lingo” and this might be a little time-consuming to understand. However, if you lose your ambition to collect the benefits of Search Engine Optimization and organic search just because you can’t get around this point, then you are losing a huge business opportunity without seeing the wider scope.

To help avoid this and to allow you to better set an SEO strategy in your company, you can simply understand what Search Engine Optimization is all about, its basic principles, and then leave the more technical part for your IT Department or an Out-sourced agency.

Here is how we´ve helped to clear some non-SEO minds into understanding the process.

The SEO principle of Network Consistency

SEO Network Consistency

This principle of ours stands that as search engines like Google are deprived of the human cognitive sense of text interpretation, and as such they process Queries, Keywords and Content in the form of Code, they assume quality/relevancy of Content, based on the consistency of which it is presented across all the connected resources.

So ultimately, you will need to keep this mind-set across your SEO project, guaranteeing that not only you are using all the resources available to build your Digital presence, Site, Blog, Linkbuidling, Social Media, Directories and Geo-Marketing tools, but that consistency with your content and strategic keywords is kept and all resources dully connected between themselves and your website.

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